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This page contains a list of current CRU staff with their contact details.
Below are brief descriptions of each member of the unit.
This includes both current and previous staff members, and former PhD students.
Links for each person take you to their own home pages.

Professor Charles Vincent 020 7886 6328
Professor of Psychology
Director of Clinical Safety Research Unit
at St. Mary's Hospital,
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
(formerly Director of the Clinical Risk Unit)

Pippa Bark

020 7288 3383
Principal Research Fellow
Course Director

Dr Maria Woloshynowych

020 7679 1607
Research Fellow

Dr Sally Adams

020 7679 5977
Research Fellow

Dr Graham Neale

020 7679 5977
Clinical Research Fellow

Laura Seymour

020 7679 5977
Research fellow

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Members of the CRU

Professor Charles Vincent - Director of CRU
Charles Vincent has recently moved to St. Mary's Hospital, Imperial college to head the new Clinical Safety Reseach Unit. Before then he was a Professor in Psychology at University College London. In 1985 Charles was appointed to a research post at UCL working on 'Avoidable Mishaps in Medicine'. This research has continued for fifteen years, producing three books, many papers and research grants. From January 1993 to October 1994 he was on secondment from UCL to the Department of Public Health NW Thames Region working on risk management and problems associated with injury to patients and litigation in the NHS. In 1995 Charles returned to work full-time at University College with funding from North Thames to establish the Clinical Risk Unit, which carries out training and research into risk management in the NHS. The unit is currently working on methods of analysing the causes of adverse events in medicine, a review of the nature and incidence of adverse events and a number of related projects. He is the editor of "Clinical Risk Management" (BMJ Publications, 2nd edition, 2000). A linked MSc programme in Clinical Risk was initiated in 1998 in the Centre for Health Informatics and Multiprofessional Education at UCL. He is also a Commissioner in the Commission for Health Improvement.

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Pippa Bark - Principal Research Fellow and Course Director
Pippa Bark is responsible for setting up risk management education and training. Her background is in psychology and she worked on the North Thames medico-legal project for several years as principal researcher before starting at the CRU. Her research work has included topics such as patients' and clinicians' attitudes to complaints, a comparison of General Practitioner and patient perspectives in the handling of complaints, the clinician's need for support in litigation and the need for risk management. She has designed and run training programmes in risk management for purchasers and providers in North Thames and has recently designed the modular MSc in Risk Management that runs at UCL in the Centre for Health Informatics and Multiprofessional Education (CHIME).
Pippa Bark is currenlty on maternity leave. Please contact Jackie Nicholls for details about the course.

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Dr Maria Woloshynowych - Research fellow
Maria Woloshynowych joined the unit in April 1998. She trained and worked as a nurse before undertaking her first degree in psychology. As part of this she researched patientís beliefs and intentions when visiting their general practitioner. She completed her PhD in the psychology department at UCL, which focused on reducing anxiety in patients undergoing medical procedures. Subsequent research has explored decision making in doctors when prescribing treatment for patients with heart failure. Since joining the CRU, Maria has been researching risk perception and the causes of adverse events.

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Dr Sally Adams - Independent Researcher in Clinical Risk
Sally Adams joined the CRU in September 1995 where she has specialised in applying human factors approaches to the assessment of safety in medicine. During Sally's time at the CRU until November 1999, she was funded as a Research Lecturer by Healthcare Risk Resources International to undertake medical risk management research and teaching. In May 2001 Sally formed Riquitta Associates, which allows her to practice as an independent Clinical Risk Management Researcher. Sally is therefore currently contracted by the CRU to complete a short term research contract concerned with the techniques of incident investigation and analysis used in industry which could be applicable to healthcare.

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Dr Graham Neale - Clinical Research Fellow
Graham Neale joined the unit in 1999. He is a retired general physician and a former professor of clinical medicine. For the past 20 years has has been interested in defining factors that affect the quality of hospital medicine. He joined the unit as lead clinician for the pilot case record review study and is now working on developing new methods of case analysis.

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Laura Seymour - Research Fellow
Laura joined the unit in 1999 and has worked on projects regarding patients' understanding of risk and communicating risk information to patients. This work has been carried out in collaboration with Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust.

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Dr Nicola Stanhope - Research Fellow
Nicola Stanhope worked in the CRU form September 1995 to 1997. Her background is in experimental psychology and neuropsychology. Prior to working in the CRU she was based at St Thomas' Hospital, London, carrying out research into organic amnesia and recovery from stroke. During her time at the CRU she researched incident reporting and the causes of adverse incidents in obstetrics and mental health. She left the unit in 1997 to train as a clinical psychologist.

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PhD Students

Dr Clency Meurier
Research in connection with the CRU: Improving the Quality of Nursing Care: A Study of Nursing Errors and their Reduction (Department of Psychology, UCL, PhD awarded 1998)

Dr Tim Rakow
Research in connection with the CRU: Preoperative assessment of the risk of early mortality following paediatric surgery (Department of Psychology, UCL, PhD awarded 2000)

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